xbox360refurbished website - Scammed online site

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I purchased an xbox 360 from this website last christmas.i should have known there was going to be a problem when i was told the package was in the truck that had "caught on fire" when being delivered.

For my inconvenience they were sending me a bigger memory. I made it a point to ask if it was kinect ready. They told me yes, but it was NOT!

Well long story short, the system got the rings of death.

And now is non functional. I wrote numerous emails to the company and NOTHING. no im sorry no have a nice day! NOTHING.

the system is suppose to have a limited warentee for a year! and this happened before the year was up. But never once have a heard from them. Should have known not to get it refurbished.

Some websites, like apple sell wonderful refurbished products. This website just sells JUNK!!!


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